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Professional hypnosis and coaching service since 2004, 1542 Route 37 East, Toms River, NY

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Hypnosis is a safe, scientifically researched approach that empowers you to efficiently reach your goals. It accesses the subconscious mind - the part responsible for most of your behavior - and clears the way for positive change. Combining hypnosis with coaching catapults you from knowing what you want and need to do - to actually doing it.

Being an active partner in the process helps you reach your goals within several sessions. Side benefits often include a greater sense of well-being, better ability to manage stress, improved sleep quality, and clearer thinking.

Popular Services

If looking at photos of yourself upsets you, you’re not happy with your reflection in the mirror, your clothes keep getting tighter, and you’re concerned about your health – you’re probably ready to make changes.

This four-session start-up program will act as a springboard to help improve your eating and activity patterns. You’ll have more energy and confidence than you’ve had in a long time. And, you’ll feel as though food has lost its hold on you.

Reinforcement sessions are available, too.

Details on weight loss and hypnosis.

You worry about your health, and you know all the reasons to stop smoking. Yet it seems impossible to quit. This multi-session program will empower you to release this life-threatening habit.

Be prepared to feel better than you’ve felt in a long time. Easier breathing, more energy and stamina, and feeling in control are just a few of the benefits.

Details on smoking cessation and hypnosis.

It’s hard to function at your best when you’re not getting enough sleep. Poor sleep habits impact your sense of well-being, and can hurt your health, work, and relationships.

Experience a drug-free, gentle way to get some zzz’s, and feel clear-headed and refreshed.

Details on sleep improvement and hypnosis.

This approach acclimates your mind and body to loosen up and let go of tension, worries, and what-ifs. You’ll gain more clarity and perspective.

Stop exhausting your mind with concerns. Be prepared to calmly deal with challenges, and to handle situations that used to make you tense.

Details on stress management and hypnosis.

If you took an inventory of your life, what would you find? Are you held back from being your best self?

Sometimes people are blocked by procrastination, fear of change, unhealthy patterns, an inability to say "no," uncertainty about a sense of purpose, and so on.

This approach helps you gain clarity, determine the changes you want to make, and helps you make them.

Whether you’re a cheerleader, golfer, basketball or baseball player, bowler, etc., you can empower yourself to reach your personal best.

It’s said that over 80 percent of an athlete’s performance is mental. So it makes sense that a technique that builds confidence, removes barriers, and sets an expectation for success, works.

Hypnosis is an established method for improving sports performance in kids and adults. Many professional athletes use hypnotic techniques to facilitate peak performance.

Details on performance and hypnosis.

Difficulty focusing and concentrating can happen for a lot of reasons. It may be that your mind is cluttered with all sorts of "stuff."

This approach allows your mind to calm down so you can place your focus where it needs to be. And it helps you retrieve information when you need to.

Details on performance and hypnosis.

Using hypnosis, you’ll be able to relax and focus, and prepare your mind to accept and retrieve information. Instead of being nervous about taking exams, you’ll feel confident.

You’ll devise a practical study plan and adhere to it. This has worked for students at all levels, and adults eager to pass exams in medicine, nursing, real estate, accounting, cosmetology, and more.

Details on performance and hypnosis.

If you cringe at the thought of making a presentation, or even giving a status update at a meeting, this is for you.

You may have been passed over for promotions. Maybe you haven’t been able to get the job you want.

If you’re ready to release your fears, boost your confidence, and let the words flow, call me.

Details on performance and hypnosis.

How many more fun vacations or important business trips are you willing to miss?

You don’t have to be a slave to your fear. Many clients who once limited themselves to travel by car, bus, or train are now able to fly with ease. You can, too.

Details on overcoming fear and hypnosis.

You’re not alone if you have a fear that’s limiting your life.

People have all sorts of fears, from fear of flying to fear of enclosed spaces, meeting new people, driving, bridges, etc.

You can unlearn and release the fear gently and efficiently using hypnosis.

Details on overcoming fear and hypnosis.

Whatever it is that’s preventing you from driving where you want – and enjoying the trip – know that you can effectively remove the barriers, using this approach.

Has driving always been a challenge for you, or is this lack of confidence something new?

Some people have difficulty after being in an accident. Some have trouble only on busy roads, or driving to places they’re not familiar with. Some are challenged by driving over bridges.

You can boost your driving confidence in just a few sessions.

Details on overcoming fear and hypnosis.

If the thought of trying to connect with people makes you want to stay home in your jammies, this approach is for you. You don’t need to be a prisoner in your own home.

You can try to convince yourself that you’re fine by yourself and don’t need anyone, but you know that’s fear talking.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can feel comfortable in all sorts of social settings.

Details on performance and hypnosis.

Don’t let fear and insecurity get in the way of making a good impression. You may have a great resume, wonderful experience, and top-notch skills; but if you can’t impress them on an interview, you won’t get the job offer.

With a few sessions, you can sell yourself in a confident, positive manner – and get the job offer and salary you deserve.

Details on performance and hypnosis.

Maybe you’re an artist or writer who’s hit a block. Perhaps you’re a professional whose problem-solving abilities feel like they’ve diminished.

If you feel stuck, blocked, or somehow held back from reaching your goals, this approach can help you get your creative juices flowing once again.

Details on performance and hypnosis.

"If this (hypnosis) were a drug, everyone would be using it," commented a Stanford University psychiatrist. Changing your mindset can diminish your perception of pain.

Hypnosis has been used successfully to lessen the discomfort of fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches, IBS, spine problems, skin conditions, etc. It counters side effects of chemo, and aids in pregnancy and delivery.

It’s used pre– and post–operatively to lessen the stress and discomfort of surgery and promote speedy recovery.

Because pain may be a signal that something is wrong and needs to be addressed, you should first be evaluated by a licensed physician. Hypnosis is not intended to replace sound medical care, but is an excellent adjunct.

Details on stress management and hypnosis.

Hypnosis and coaching is a non-threatening and efficient way to help teens and children build confidence, improve coping skills and overcome a wide range of problems. And they can use these tools for a lifetime.

Because kids are so adept at using their imagination, they have a superior ability to experience and take in beneficial suggestions.

It’s important that your child be open to this, and be able to sit still and focus for a few minutes at a time.

Details on empowering children and teens.

Maybe you forgot where you put something away for safe-keeping – a piece of jewelry, cash, important documents. Now you’re racking your brains trying to figure it out.

Since your subconscious mind is the storehouse of memories, emotions, and patterns, you can use hypnosis to help jog your memory.

Details on performance and hypnosis.

If you’re ready to move forward, and are drawn to a drug-free, holistic approach, call me at 1-732-270-0080. I’ll help you determine if this is right for you.

Make your mind work for you instead of against you .

Rhoda Kopy, Hypnosis for Women Rhoda Kopy, CH, ACH
Nationally Certified Hypnotist (HypnoCounselor-NJ) & Wellness Coach

1541 Route 37 East, Toms River, NJ
"You are the Gardener of Your Own Being"

Rhoda Kopy
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