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Commonly Asked Questions About Hypnosis And Coaching

How Can Hypnosis and Coaching Help Me?
Do you want to make a change in your life, but just can’t seem to do it? Maybe you want to lose weight, quit smoking, or overcome some other negative habit. Maybe you have a fear that limits your life, like a fear of driving or flying. Possibly you get nervous and tense at the thought of being in social situations, making a presentation, or going on an interview. Maybe you want to get out of the habit of negative thinking and worrying. Simply put, hypnosis helps to neutralize ineffective behavior patterns, beliefs, and emotions stored in the subconscious mind—and prepares you to move in the direction you want to move! By combining hypnosis and coaching, specific goals and action plans are established, and you are propelled toward success.

Is Hypnosis "Legitimate"?
Hypnosis has been (and continues to be) extensively researched, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated over and over again. As a result of high-tech imaging techniques and the emerging field of neuroscience, scientists have demonstrated the influence of hypnosis on the brain. Hypnosis is taught at medical schools and is in use at major medical centers wordwide. It may be referred to as guided imagery, creative visualization, or NLP, which are actually techniques used as part of the hypnotic process. There have been numerous clinical studies on the use of hypnosis in smoking cessation, weight loss, stress reduction, pain control, healing, irritable bowel syndrome, reduction of chemotherapy side effects, and more. Even the government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) have conducted studies demonstrating the benefits of hypnosis.

What Is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a powerful vehicle for change that is in use worldwide. When you are in a hypnotic state, your body relaxes, your range of focus narrows, brain wave activity shifts, and you are receptive to positive suggestions that are in harmony with your goals. The analytical and intellectual part of your mind (the conscious) quiets down; and the part of your mind that determines much of your behavior and stores feelings, emotions, and memories (your subconscious mind) is more easily accessed. In this state, it is easier to recall and even re-experience events. Hypnosis is a natural and spontaneous state—one that you’ve been in many times without realizing it—like when you're caught up in a good book, movie, or TV program, or when you "zone out" while driving your car.

What Does It Feel Like To Be Hypnotized?
Within a matter of minutes, the cares and concerns of the day leave you. Tense muscles relax and other positive physiological changes take place. Some clients report feeling "light and floaty," while others say they feel like they’re "melting into the chair." Others say they have no concept of their body whatsoever. Everybody’s experience is unique. It’s been said that being in hypnosis for even a few moments creates the feeling of having slept for hours. Yet, when you are in a hypnotic state, you are focused and your subconscious mind is very receptive to positive suggestions. You hear everything that is being said, and you respond to questions if they are asked. You are always in control of your responses and behaviors. Your ability to enter a hypnotic state increases with each session—and with the practice of self-hypnosis. Hypnosis is not sleep.

Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?
Just about anyone who wants to be, can be. As noted above (see "What is Hypnosis?") our brains are hardwired for hypnosis, and you’ve spontaneously entered this state many times. Furthermore, your receptivity to hypnosis improves with practice. (People who could encounter difficulties include those with organic brain damage, difficulty processing simple information, those with severe psychiatric disorders, and those who do not wish to enter a hypnotic state. It would not be appropriate for me to see people who fall into those categories.)

Can Hypnosis Make A Person Lose Control - And Do Or Say Embarrassing Things?
Of course not—you are always in control and can emerge at any time. And, no one can be hypnotized against her will. Understandably, you may have a distorted view of what hypnosis is if you’ve seen hypnosis stage shows, which are strictly for entertainment purposes, or TV sitcoms or horror shows that paint a rather bizarre picture of hypnosis. Stage hypnosis and consulting hypnosis are different in their intent. Stage hypnosis entertains, while consulting hypnosis is a tool to enhance the well-being of clients. When you are hypnotized, you are receptive to suggestions that you believe are in your best interest. If anything is suggested that is counter to your beliefs, values, or goals, your mind will simply ignore it.

Is It Possible To "Get Stuck" In Hypnosis?
No. If for some peculiar reason, the hypnotist left the room for an extended period of time while you were in a state of hypnotic relaxation, you would either sense that and emerge on your own; or, you would continue to just enjoy the feeling and emerge when you feel like it; or, you would drift into a sleep state, take a little nap, and wake up when you’re ready.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Dangers Related To Hypnosis?
There are no dangers related to the appropriate use of hypnosis—and there are a number of benefits in addition to those already noted. Because hypnosis tends to quiet the body and mind, many clients report a greater ability to handle stress, and note that their sleep quality has improved. This is especially true for those clients who practice self-hypnosis, as taught during our sessions.

You Talk About Integrating Coaching With Hypnosis. What Does That Mean?
By working with the subconscious mind (in hypnosis) and the conscious mind (in coaching), we help ensure that desired changes are made. Incorporating coaching techniques means that you and I have established specific goals, and make certain that you are working toward your goals. If you confront obstacles, we brainstorm how to hurdle them. This is all about aligning your subconscious mind (which we access through hypnosis) with your conscious mind (which we work with during coaching). It's a wonderful blend that leads to success.

Do You Work Only With Women?
Women and teens comprise the majority of my client base; however, I do work with children. Also, I see men who are referred by my clients or by licensed health professionals.

What Should I Look For In Selecting A Hypnosis Professional in New Jersey?
You would benefit by seeing someone who is immersed in the practice of hypnosis, has a solid educational foundation (my belief is that this should include a college education), and is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). NGH certification assures continuing education and adherence to a strict code of ethics. Reputable hypnosis professionals will welcome your questions, and provide clear answers. It’s important that you get the sense the professional hypnotist is concerned about your well-being, and that you feel some rapport with her. You can learn a lot by speaking with her over the phone and asking questions.

What About All Those One-Session Large Group Programs?
It’s appealing to think you can attend one session with a huge group of other attendees—and "poof"—you change! And, all for a mere $50.00, or whatever the going rate is. Unfortunately, this approach works for only a very small percentage of people. Most find it difficult to relax and focus in a large-group environment, while sitting in uncomfortable chairs. The program is geared toward the masses and cannot be customized as with individual sessions. Most issues require reinforcement, interaction between the client and hypnotist-coach, and repetition. And you are often strongly encouraged to purchase products at an additional cost. What seems like a bargain can turn into a hefty investment—for one session. The people running these programs often do not have private practices, should you need reinforcement. You’ll be told to wait until another of their large-group sessions is being offered, and that could be a long way off. Remember the old adage, "You get what you pay for."

Why Should I Use Your Services?
I help my clients succeed. I know the tremendous impact that hypnosis and coaching can have on people’s lives, and I am passionate about empowering my clients. Programs are tailored to each person’s needs, and every client is treated with respect. Sessions are held in a private, relaxing environment—and are one-on-one. Confidentiality is always honored.

My background exceeds the current recommended education, training, and experience for consulting hypnotists / hypnocounselors (NJ). I apply the benefits of a 20-year-background in community health education, motivational coaching, career services, and training, to help clients work toward their goals. My academic background and professional experience provide a strong foundation for the practice of hypnosis (also referred to as hypnocounseling in New Jersey).

As a Nationally Certified Consulting Hypnotist, and Wellness Coach, I have met the certification requirements of the country’s premier organizations for professional hypnotists—the National Guild of Hypnotists and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. In addition to having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Communications, with high honors, from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, I have an academic background in Nursing Sciences, and constantly pursue further studies related to hypnosis, coaching, and wellness. Being certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the leading organization for professional hypnotists worldwide, denotes completion of a comprehensive training program and assurance of continuing education.

As a graduate of New Jersey’s first state-licensed school of hypnosis, the Academy of Professional Hypnosis, recognized nationally for its educational standards and strong focus on professional integrity, I work with clients on a wide range of issues, sometimes in partnership with licensed health care and mental health professionals.

According to the National Guild of Hypnotists, a professional hypnotist is "a teacher, a motivator, a coach and guide whose goal is to assist persons in resolving normal problems of living." It is beyond the scope of my practice to diagnose or treat medical or mental disease; and I work with these issues only on referral from licensed health care or mental health professionals, if appropriate.

Is Consulting Hypnosis the Same as a Hypnotherapy?
It depends on where you live. In many states, the titles of Consulting Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist are synonymous. In New Jersey, they are not - although most people don’t realize that. Because of the confusion, hypnosis professionals sometimes advertise under the term "hypnotherapy" - it also allows them to make the distinction between stage hypnosis and consulting hypnosis, which are very different in intent. Consulting Hypnotists are skilled professionals who assist people in making positive changes - working primarily with the subconscious mind. Their clients are usually people facing ordinary life challenges. Stage hypnotists are entertainers. Hypnotherapists generally are psychologists and other licensed mental health professionals who treat people with more serious emotional and mental disturbances through the use of standard psychotherapy ("talk therapy")- and they incorporate hypnotic techniques, if they feel it is appropriate. It is becoming more routine for licensed mental health professionals and physicians to refer clients to Consulting Hypnotists - especially when traditional measures (e.g., counseling, medications) yield minimal results.

Will I Receive Anything To Take Home?
Yes. You will receive a packet of information related to hypnosis and to the issue which prompted you to seek assistance. You will also receive a topic-related CD for daily reinforcement and relaxation.

I Think I’d Like To Try This - What’s Next?
I’m glad you've decided to address your issues! I’d like to speak with you briefly over the phone (732-270-0080) to discuss your needs and determine if hypnosis is appropriate for you. If it is, we’ll probably schedule three visits, the first of which will be approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours. It will include a comprehensive intake (questions), along with a discussion about hypnosis, the induction of hypnosis, and instruction in self-hypnosis. Many issues are resolved in three meetings (smoking cessation, for example); others may require several more sessions. Together, we’ll evaluate your progress at the end of the third visit. Generally, three to six sessions are adequate for most issues, but that depends on several factors. My goal is to assist you in the shortest amount of time and to equip you with the tools to help yourself. I look forward to speaking with you!

"You are the Gardener of Your Own Being."

Rhoda Kopy, BS, CH, ACH
Call 732-270-0080
Nationally Certified Consulting Hypnotist, NJ & Transition Coach
1541 Route 37 East, Suite E, Toms River, NJ 08753
Providing Hypnosis and Coaching Services throughout New Jersey and the tri-state area


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